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Forefront Edge Security and Access Demon  v.1.0

The 9 non-persistent virtual machines in this toolkit which provides the following 4 scenario-based demonstrations. Secure Remote Access with IAG 2007 This scenario shows Intelligent Application Gateway 2007 working with Exchange Server 2007 and

VMRCplus  v.

This tool enables management of Virtual Server 2005The name VMRCplus stads for Virtual Machine Remote Control Client Plus. VMRCplus is a tool for both configuration management of Virtual Server and remote control of virtual machines. It allows for

Retroweaver  v.2.0.7 Build 411

Retroweaver is a Java bytecode weaver that enables you to take advantage of the new 1.5 language features in your source code, while still retaining compatibility with 1.4 virtual machines. Retroweaver operates by transforming Java class files

BigSync  v.0.2.0

BigSync is a simple utility that allows to incremetally backup huge files, particularly disk images for virtual machines and database files. BigSync stores these files efficiently in a compressed directory hash and is able to handle files of 4

BMC VM Linux Management and Archiving  v.0

This project is a tool that allows end users of Linux on the mainframe under VM to manage their own Linux virtual machines: IPL, Shutdown, re-image with different versions, and archive base and modified Linux

C.A.S.I.M.I.R.  v.1.0beta1

CASIMIR is a web-based PHP/MySQL interface which controls over SSH-secured connexions qemu/kvm virtual machines dispatched over several physical servers. It also provides to administrators the ability to delegate control of these machines to other

EMOTIVE Cloud  v.1.01

Elastic Management of Tasks in Virtualized Environments is in charge of managing virtual machines created in Xen by creating full customized virtual machines and allowing executing tasks inside

JVix  v.rc

JVix is a Java wrapper to the VMware VIX API, allowing control of virtual machines through a Java

Luvalley  v.8

Luvalley is a lightweight type-1 Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM) with novel architecture, to enable any OS to host virtual machines as pure applications by utilizing hardware virtualization extensions such as Intel VT and

MiDIDE  v.1.0.alpha.6

MiDIDE is a portable code editor for virtual machines low-level

OVNI  v.1.7103

OVNI is, first of all, an AJAX web-application to create and manage Virtual Machines on KVM nodes. it's developed under WaveMaker and rely on Libvirt to be compatible with other tools such as virsh. In the future, the project aims to provide a

Pyvix  v.2006.07.18

pyvix is a Python wrapper for the VMWare(R) VIX C API that allows Python to programmatically control VMWare(R) virtual machines. Example operations include: powering on; suspending; creating, reverting to, and removing snapshots; and running

Qemudo  v.0.1.1

Qemudo is a Web interface to QEMU offering a way for users to access and control multiple virtual machines (guest systems) running on one or more remote physical machines (host

Serpent  v.rc.112

Serpent is a real-time scripting language inspired by Python but completely reimplemented to support real-time garbage collection and multiple instances of the virtual machines running on independent

The DaCapo Benchmark Suite  v.1.0

The DaCapo benchmark suite is designed to faciliate performance analysis of Java Virtual Machines, compilers and memory management. It comprises a harness and a suite of open source real-world

Uml-sys  v.0.2b6.1

User mode linux virtual machines management in pure bash 3.x Manages separate hosts and virtual networking on linux host, firewalling planned. This tool aims to be lightweight production environment controler, not a huge virtual network

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